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Custom Cover Art

Assisting an author in bringing their creation to its ultimate best is truly rewarding to me. I find joy in conceptualizing a story; of bringing your idea of a representative and eye-catching cover to life.  Please contact me with any inquiries for custom book cover design.  I have a cover art form that will help us create the perfect wrapping for your work. Let's collaborate! 

Custom covers begin at $160 for an e-book cover, with an additional $50 for print wrap. Fee may increase based on complexity of design. If quoted an additional hourly fee, that fee is $25.00/hr. A 50% deposit may be required of new clients. 

Audiobook covers are an additional $40.


~ Two concept/mock-ups to choose from for final art

~ Revisions and minor retouching on final choice

~ Your completed art will be sent to you via e-mail directly, or with a Drive/Dropbox link 

~ You will receive a hi-res JPG copy of your cover AND a  JPG in 72 dpi for web use. 

~ Credit info for stock photos used supplied if desired

~ One cover banner graphic for Facebook

~ One 3D promo graphic

~ One 'cover coming soon' graphic


~ PDF file to your specs, ready for upload to KDP, IngramSpark, etc.


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