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Audio Proofing

Audiobook proofing is geared toward indie authors, publishers, and rights holders who would like a fresh set of ears on completed recordings they have received from their professional narrator.   

The rate is $18.00 per finished recorded hour. 
Example: the fee for proofing a 9 hour recording would be $162.00
Minimum fee for any audiobook proofing project is $50.00
Time spent composing final notations and corresponding with client is included unless notes exceed two pages (Word doc) in length. Fee for composing notations more than two Word doc pages in length is at minimum an additional $25.00. ($25/hour composing notes)  
Putting a rush on projects is sometimes possible, depending on our schedule. This will involve an additional fee of 1/3 of the base fee for the project, or an alternate amount agreed upon ahead by both parties before beginning work on the project. 
I listen to all recordings at normal speed on headphones in an isolated room while reading along with the same text provided to your narrator. 
All errors are noted. These include: mispronunciations, dropped words, added words, repetitions, inconsistent pronunciations, consistency of character voices, odd pauses, and of course any blips, static or other recording artifact sounds.  I understand no narrator is going to perfectly match the written words - this being said, I GENERALLY will not note minor “errors” in works of fiction that don’t change the meaning of what an author wrote and/or won’t cause confusion to the listener.
Easy to follow, detailed notations are made in a Word document unless Google Docs or Excel is preferred by your narrator), noting the chapter, time stamp, and specific error. Complete sentences from the text are cited and included, with the error highlighted. I also cite Merriam-Webster (or foreign equivalent) for any pronunciations that are in question.  Completed notations can be sent directly to the narrator, or to the rights holder. 
Turnaround time depends on my schedule. I pride myself on being prompt, efficient, and professional. As an audiobook admirer and consumer, I appreciate what promptness means to getting your product out there to eager ears!​
When services are complete, you will be sent an invoice. All payments are accepted through PayPal or Zelle. 
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