Proofreading Services

Proofreading is performed on your final draft, post-edits. 

My proofreading consists of a thorough review of spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. I place a special emphasis on continuity as well as storyline particulars, and possess a keen ability to spot dropped words. Or, rather, where those words should be!

The rate is 0.004 USD per word; $4/1000 words. There will be one complete read-through of your document. Any document with less than 15,000 words will be charged at a flat fee of 45.00 USD.

Jobs are accepted based on schedule availability. I do accept rush jobs when able, which will be subject to an additional fee. 

If necessary, there will be an additional charge for time spent writing up/rechecking our final notations. The rate for this is $20/hr. 

Please submit all works double-spaced in an easy to read font. Preferably Times New Roman, Arial, or similar. 

When services are complete, the word count of your document will be determined and you will be sent an invoice. All payments are accepted through PayPal or Zelle. 

I will gladly promote any book I've proofread on this site and on our Facebook and Twitter pages once it is scheduled to be published.

Some of my completed proofing projects

The Escorts Tale.jpg

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